Students will design and prototype a ‘design tool’ that will help a small group of people collaboratively accomplish a task.
The ‘smoke and mirrors’ prototype will combine physical objects augmented by a video projection.




Projection, Keynote, Illustrator, Premiere Pro

Ideation Tool

Ideation tool is a tangible user interface that is designed to improve pre-existing ideation techniques (like sticky-notes and paper). In this project, we offered unique brainstorming and organizing method that is suitable for both remote and in person collaboration by using smoke and mirror technique.


3 Weeks


Ideation, wireframing,
creating animations, filming


Designing a Tangible User Interface - a physical object that combines electronics, code and a three-dimensional form.


Video, physical objects, Hardware and Software Integration, Prototyping, Conceptualization, Usability Testing, code Compiled package, framework diagram, game simulator.


reacTIVision, TUIO simulator, processing, sandblaster, laser cutter, vinyl cutter. Illustrator

Mi Jong

Mi Jong is a tangible collective learning tool that helps non-native Korean speakers learn the language. Based on Natalia’s previous design research, which evidences that learning with friends is more effective, we created a new way of learning. Through this collaborative game environment, we hope players are able to stimulate their learning potential by engaging physical motion.


December. 2018


Team leader, coder


Early Brainstorming

We started from creating a scenario and analyzing roles are need in a cross disciplinary collaborative team which include a marketing executive, two designers and an external consultant. In order to help us have a better understanding of how this team will work out, we

We began the project by creating a scenario and assigning roles to ourselves: As a design team consisting of a marketing executive, two in-house designers, and an external consultant, we were working toward ideating an early childhood educational product.

Early Interaction

The hardest part of this project was to figure out how can the user interact with tangible objects. Since we got so used to digital screen interaction, the initial interactions we came up with were limited by clicking, long pressed, drag and move which were underestimate the potential of interacting with a tangible object as well as the human physical abilities.  

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Ggul-Jaem 꿀잼

Ggul-Jaem is a tangible interactive learning tool that helps beginner learn a new language collaborative with two other teammates.